FleXi Grille

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Home safety grilles are commonly used for peace of mind, be it prevention against intrusion or child safety. But understandably, most homeowners are concern with aesthetics. Normal grilles are usually sliding panel with bars intersecting to form different design, may seem cold or uninviting.

FleXi Grille a retract concept by Decorille Pte Ltd, aims to provide flexibility in grille use. It deter potential intruder to safeguard the home, yet retractable when not in need. Each grille is made to order for perfect window or door fit to enhance home safety without compromising appeal

Flexi grilles are choice barriers for home safety with Retract mechanism. It offer safety protection, yet, do Not obstruct window function or compromise the home décor.

Other Advantages:

  • Classy, stylish & secure.
  • Enhance window Safety for young & old.
  • Rust proof.
  • Safe barrier for window cleaning.
  • No maintenance