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Bestview™ Window & Door system incorporate proprietary hardware design for functionality with high durability. Conceal pivot hinges are design with adjustable friction intensity for different wind load. Anti-lift feature prevent sash lifting & removal for added security.


Technical Specification


Test Standard: SS212 (2000)

Specifications: Standard window includes:

‘C’ Frame
Proprietary ‘C’ Frame enable multiple sash to stack next to each other for window to be fully unobstructed ( without in between Mullion). Proprietary roller mechanism enable ‘C’ frame to stay in position without sliding when sash in swing out.

Proprietary dual or triple tracks are uniquely design for effective water drainage.

Bestview™ Window & Doors system incorporate All Proprietary hardware.

  • Conceal pivot hinges are adjustablefor different wind load intensity.
  • 2-point automatic latching systems inclusive of flush release.
  • Roller/Stopper mechanism.
  • Crescent lock.

Frame Finish
Natural anodized. Other color frame can be process by powder-coat.

Material: Aluminium Alloy AA6063-T5, Stainless steel Grade 304
Weight: 24 kg/m2
Maximum Window Size: 6.0 m W x 1.8 m Ht (6 panels)
Maximum Door Size: 4.8 m W x 2.6 m Ht (6 panels)
Maximum Panel Size: 1.0 m W x 1.8 m Ht (Window), 0.8 m W x 2.6 m Ht (Door)
Minimum PanelSize: 0.45 m W x 0.65 m Ht
Configuration: 2 & 4 panels on 2 tracks, 3 & 6 panels on 3 tracks
Cyclic Tested: In excess of 100,000 swing open & close cycles


Glass Infill: Tinted, Tempered, Laminated, Low E or Double Glazed glass are available.Frame Finish: Epoxy powder coating.

Note: Design detail may differ for different approvals.